"If i'm not creating, 
then i'm not living."

Curious about why I sign all my

artwork with my nickname BINX? 

Brenda is a multi-faceted creative from Bristol, Connecticut. Drawing and painting for as long as she can remember, she earned her Bachelors degree from Boston's Massachusetts College of Art and Design, majoring in industrial design. 


Her passion for art is a driving force in her life. She creates illustrative mixed medium works that are inspired by nature, her travels and experiences. She has focused more towards graphic and identity design, commissioned artworks, and tattooing as of recent.


Growing up with the most amazing cook her grandma Joyce, Brenda has a knack in the kitchen as well, and loves most of all cake decorating and baking macarons. Brenda's love for culture has sent her on journeys around the world, galavanting cross the USA, South East Asia, New Zealand, Japan, around Europe, and spends months out of the year in Ireland where her husband is from.